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The staff is incredible!
My experience with Drug Rehab Jacksonville has been life changing. Before coming to this treatment center I was lost and confused. Not only was I able to understand and conquer my addiction, fears, and myself, but was able to discover a new way to live. They treated both myself and my husband... Drug Rehab Jacksonville showed us how to love each other, and not to depend on each other. The staff is incredible and I am going to miss them dearly!
, Jacksonville Dec 30, 2011

This place has the most caring staff.
This place has the most caring staff. All of my needs have been met from my medical issues to my clinical issues. The clinicians are wonderful. They are very knowledgeable and caring to client needs. The discharge process was very smooth. They take care of you to set up a good discharge plan and stay connected with you to assist with outside services. I would recommend Drug Rehab Jacksonville to anybody struggling with addiction. This place shows you there is hope and a way out!!
, Jacksonville Jul 17, 2011

Very Welcoming Staff and Clients!
I had no idea what to expect. The word 'rehab' always held a bad connotation to me, and although a part of me knew I needed to go, I still struggled with the realization that I was indeed an addict, and this was a necessary part of my recovery. Walking in I was immediately overwhelmed having never experienced anything like this before, but I was soon made to feel welcome by the staff and the clients. It didn't take long to realize that I was right where I belonged. For the first time, I wasn't in this alone. There are others like me and there is no shame in asking for help. I truly believe that Drug Rehab Jacksonville saved my life. I couldn't continue living the life I was leading anymore. I highly recommend this place to anyone struggling with substance abuse and looking for a way out.
, Jacksonville May 5, 2012

Clinicians are Awesome!
Drug rehab Jacksonville is the best place I been to. The staff, clinicians, nurses. doctors and people are great. The clinician are awesome and helps me with everything. I learned so much from being here and I'm heading in the right direction now. The activities they do for you here are outstanding. I learned so many responsibilities here. They teach you everything about living on your own and about budgeting money. If anyone is looking for somewhere to go I highly recommend this place.
, Jacksonville Feb 5, 2012

Magnificent Rehab Center!
My experience at Drug Rehab Jacksonville has been very rewarding for me. I came in broken and in a lot of pain. I relapsed after losing my son to suicide and didn't think or feel like going on. After letting Drug Rehab Jacksonville staff and community inside asking and seeking help I began to heal. I'm so grateful for them all. They gave me life.
, Jacksonville Sep 23, 2011

Drug Rehab Jacksonville FL is rated 5/5 based on 5 reviews.